I live in Orlando, Florida and I met Tina and Mike while we were all crewing Marko Baloh’s RAAM in 2016. I was interested in attempting RAW and Tina and I started talking about Finish Line Ultra Crewing working for me in 2017. Tina is extremely passionate about ultra-cycling and crewing events. She took care of every little detail from the rental house in Oceanside, renting an RV, gathering crew members, receiving bike shipments, working with bike stores to get the shipped bikes put back together, race check-in, race inspection, after race clean up and shipping items back home. Tina made it easy for me to focus on training for the event and skype calling or texting her for the highlights of the planning she was putting together.

During the months leading up to RAW Tina took as much information as I could give her on my nutrition consumption during training days and events such as 24 hours at Sebring so she had a good understanding of my calorie needs and what products went down good for me. With this information she put together a nutrition plan for RAW.

On the road every item in the crew RV and in the mini-van that stayed with me during the race was marked and had a place. The crew was very organized, knowledgeable and friendly. I could not have possibly asked for a better crew than Tina, Mike and their friends. I would absolutely recommend their services and I plan on using them again myself for future events.